Patient care is the number one priority of hospitals and practitioner offices. It is for InnerSpace as well when it comes to design healthcare facilities. Our goal is to help create a positive healthcare experience by designing environments with the patient in mind at all times with innovative furniture and functional design.

Patient Rooms

We create patient rooms that keep the patient comfortable and the medical staff productive.  By incorporating modular design elements into patient rooms, it allows for the flexibility needed to continuously provide the perfect patient room.

Waiting Rooms

Whether you need a functional waiting room for high traffic areas or a stylish lounge environment, we have the furniture and design expertise to meet your needs.

Clinical Products

We offer flexible and adaptable solutions to expand healthcare capabilities through more efficient storage, organization, technology support, and transportation.  All of which save time and money while improving productivity. 


We strive to create total customer satisfaction by designing functional spaces that will foster productivity and collaboration, while incorporating beautiful and adaptable designs needed for today’s evolving work styles.